Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Three
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode Two
Load Up, Roll Out | Episode One
C.O.D.E Bowl presented by USAA
3 måneder siden
Ihaveaweirdnotsolongusernameforsumreasonhahahahaha 7 timer siden
It's 2012, ya got home after a long day of school, you went to play some bo 2 on your PS3 with the boys.
Zaydens Cave
Zaydens Cave 7 timer siden
Umm I got this in my recommended
Mark Lassow
Mark Lassow 7 timer siden
How do you get the finish moves at 1:15 ??? I need that
Austin 7 timer siden
Who is watching this in 2021!
SunRizeNotFound2.0 7 timer siden
me hehe
Sharkbate 7 timer siden
Maricris Banuelos
Maricris Banuelos 7 timer siden
I have a question, how to get the sks
Adam Harith
Adam Harith 8 timer siden
Its all fun and games until a Roze skin appears
Velaxing 8 timer siden
mw was just a little tweaked & polished version of ghosts to me.. people hated this game but it’ll always be one of my favorites
Longshot 8 timer siden
Anyone here in 2021 for some plump juicy turkey?
πknightgamesπ 8 timer siden
This is a legendary game
Cali Jose
Cali Jose 8 timer siden
The quality looks insane is 4k on this vid
Zearoxaph 14
Zearoxaph 14 9 timer siden
Back then
Joey Starcher
Joey Starcher 10 timer siden
The game says 2020 then says “discrimination “
Joey Starcher
Joey Starcher 10 timer siden
Campaign: 👨‍🍳💋🤌 Zombies:👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 Multiplayer: we don’t speak about this...
Tyler cauthen
Tyler cauthen 10 timer siden
1:22 if anyone else got those goosebumps right there you know that feeling way too well
blususpect 10 timer siden
I’m so glad they brought back classic zombies!
Роман Б
Роман Б 10 timer siden
Это худший сезон за все время. Уродливые скины, отсутсвие изменений в warzone, убогий ивент с зомби, Fck ffar, ужасная интеграция Cold War в war zone
MR_Anıl Yardımcı
MR_Anıl Yardımcı 10 timer siden
ı am old Call Of Duty World At War and Modern Warvafe
Call of duty mobile jhonasbrother
Call of duty mobile jhonasbrother 11 timer siden
great trailer and trailer music
I don't know
I don't know 11 timer siden
I just realized Menendez's beard is way bigger in this than the game
Angry Mary Sue
Angry Mary Sue 12 timer siden
Gustavo Lopez
Gustavo Lopez 12 timer siden
Please put Call of duty Warzone on Nintendo Switch please
IM R3N 12 timer siden
Baby Jotaro
Baby Jotaro 12 timer siden
This is me when i remember when i used to play this and minecraft on my xbox 360
Hawa Nwre
Hawa Nwre 12 timer siden
Hawa Nwre
Hawa Nwre 12 timer siden
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Hawa Nwre
Hawa Nwre 12 timer siden
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RenecitoCrack Gaming
RenecitoCrack Gaming 13 timer siden
Y pensar que el 11 de marzo todo va a explotar
Tamojit Basu
Tamojit Basu 13 timer siden
The hype for Ghosts was something else back then.💓
Kane Russell
Kane Russell 13 timer siden
What is this finishing move 1:16
Allan Of El Salvador
Allan Of El Salvador 13 timer siden
Woooooooooow, they are really trying ti sell that predator aesthetic huh.
STAS GOROKHOV 13 timer siden
Играю с читами, вар зон лохи.
J W 14 timer siden
The campaign in this game was amazing to be fair
მანგია ჭინჭარაული
მანგია ჭინჭარაული 14 timer siden
Just give we back zombies
David T
David T 14 timer siden
Man cod points was the best thing in BO1! Having to unlock as you rank is annoying asf
Good ascensions
Good ascensions 14 timer siden
There is a deep spiritual messages behind this commercial. This is what is going on right now in the world
David T
David T 15 timer siden
When you realize we about to experience this all over again!
lucas puff
lucas puff 15 timer siden
FRANKLIN F.G. 15 timer siden
Game Boy1984
Game Boy1984 15 timer siden
Is the new AK 19 Gonna be a thing in Season 3 ?
PeachCobbler 16 timer siden
Why is the type 63 full auto twice in the trailer
raul botella
raul botella 16 timer siden
Gavin Xie
Gavin Xie 16 timer siden
Bob Lawblaw
Bob Lawblaw 17 timer siden
SBMM is a terrible idea and system, fire the person at activision that pushed it. It single handedly caused more cheaters in any game in the history of online games, be it a chronus/titan, engine owning, or reverse boosting. SLTK go back to the multiplayer from MW2 to Black Ops 2. That was the golden era of Call of Duty. SLTK Cold War is behind Modern Warefare 2019 in viewers on twitch. Both games are several rows down in the browse menu. Apex got twice as many people playing and watching than Warzone and fortnite got almost 4 times the amount of people streaming and watching it. Warzone is barely beating CS GO. This version of CS is almost 10 years old on its own and its competing with Warzone. ASMR almost have more people interested in it on twitch than Black Ops. Yall messed up big time SLTK
Eternal Jack
Eternal Jack 17 timer siden
Plz I want ghosts 2 who agrees with me
Eternal Jack
Eternal Jack 17 timer siden
WERE IN 2021 we need ghosts 2
April Anne
April Anne 17 timer siden
It’s addicting but makes you rage sometimes
George1 Chouchlias
George1 Chouchlias 18 timer siden
Wps of my modem don't work I put the second modem I have and still no! What?
George1 Chouchlias
George1 Chouchlias 18 timer siden
George1 Chouchlias
George1 Chouchlias 18 timer siden
My mobile phone is an andoid 6.0.1 -from Vodafone greece now or Samsung is fake or the opposite direction PSN my ISP is Vodafone but and here the wps now does not work!
George1 Chouchlias
George1 Chouchlias 18 timer siden
I want my money back then
James Ramin
James Ramin 18 timer siden
Still better than cold war, no cap
권순모 19 timer siden
We Need us the Call of Duty Modern Warfare restarting point Back way this Game Please. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Returns New Cold War U.S. vs China.
Mistral cod mobile
Mistral cod mobile 19 timer siden
Helloo guys
Mistral cod mobile
Mistral cod mobile 19 timer siden
SSpectreYT 19 timer siden
Rip LA Thieves.
أحمد الغامدي
أحمد الغامدي 19 timer siden
٢٠٢١ كرونا 🦠
Mainnn 19 timer siden
Scumps washed af coming from an og optic fan since 2014
Nicks Got Tricks
Nicks Got Tricks 19 timer siden
You guys want to remove the broken roze skin?
Salah abu salah
Salah abu salah 19 timer siden
Unknown 20 timer siden
Ramirez remastered
BRB 21 time siden
Everybody Gangsta until COD says "Actual In - game footage"
CoralCarne372 21 time siden
I just realised they could literally recreate this with the voice actors from the Reboot Imagine Price, Gaz, Soap and Ghost chasing after Al Asad or something
VERTICAL_Horizon 21 time siden
kronxc100 21 time siden
3,9m disslikes from karens
coolwilliam Winwood-westgate
coolwilliam Winwood-westgate 22 timer siden
You got a trailer
STAHL ENGEL 22 timer siden
Wenn sich ein Mann wirklich Sorgen machen würde um seine Frau und seine Kinder, wäre er sicherlich auch sehr nervös sind angespannt, aber er ist so emotionslos angespannt, als wenn er eigentlich gerade was anderes machen wollen würde als mit denen über seine Familie zu reden. Die Abgründe der Menschheit, keine Eier sich einfach zu verpissen zu seiner neuen, dieser Ausweg ist sicherlich der schlechteste gewesen. GG Chris, leider nicht bestanden!
Dez 23 timer siden
How did this land in my recommended??!!
versus 7 timer siden
Only The Legends Will Have This Video In His Recommend.Like me LOL
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson 23 timer siden
After watching the warzone trailer, this is just awful
Dustin James
Dustin James 23 timer siden
love cold war
Nostle 23 timer siden
I wish they'll add multiplayer
The Okavango Lion
The Okavango Lion Dag siden
3.9 million dislikes 🤣
isma30 Dag siden
Amit Jani
Amit Jani Dag siden
Music name ?
Kiyah Walter
Kiyah Walter Dag siden
It's an Overhated CoD Game in my Opinion
Ayoub El madarhi
Ayoub El madarhi Dag siden
Remove sbmm
John Mark
John Mark Dag siden
Where is Prototype 3? :((
John Mark
John Mark Dag siden
Where is Prototype 3? :((
Verr Tito
Verr Tito Dag siden
I was wondering if activision and call of duty was releasing call of duty warzone mobile
7457 Dag siden
I,m was really hopeful for a classic wonder wepons Like wunder wuffle or the thunder gun
Wiofy Ltd
Wiofy Ltd Dag siden
Hello are you having issues with shadow ban,error code,activision on your account please contact @wiofy_ltd on Instagram he helped me out,he would help you